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charge conference

November 22nd, 2020



Zoom Call



lay leadership report

simple board governance

Charge Conference Overview

Our Church Council recently approved a resolution to update our Church’s governance structure to a model called “Simple Board Governance”. Presently, LBUMC uses a very traditional governance model consisting of administrative committees including finance, staff/parish, trustees, and church council.


Using a Simple Board Governance model, the duties and responsibilities of the traditional administrative committees are combined into a single governing leadership team. This simplifies our overall structure and allows us to streamline our leadership accountability.


Simple Board Governance is enabled by the 2016 UMC Book of Discipline. We will be able to provide better consistency in our messaging related to LBUMC’s vision, strategy and actions. The Simple Board structure will eliminate many unnecessary committee meetings, which will allow for more hands- on ministry, outreach, and service within our communities.


There are many benefits to moving towards this new model for LBUMC. The biggest is that we will have streamlined planning and problem solving by church leaders committed to LBUMC through their prayers, presence, service and witness.

We need your support in making this important change. Our Charge Conference takes place on Sunday, November 22, 2020. During the conference we will be asking for your concurrence in switching to the Simple Board Governance model. Between now and then, I welcome your questions and discussion. You may reach me via email at or by phone or text at (949) 573-0178.


Mike Vantrease

Chair, Church Council

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