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"Easter People Raise Your Voices"

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virtual anthem faq


Q: What tools do I need to make my recording?

A: You will need two electronic devices and one pair of headphones or earbuds. An electronic device could be your phone, laptop, or tablet. You will use the first device connected to the headphones or earbuds to listen to the rehearsal track. You will the second device to record your singing.

Q: Do I need to be memorized?

A: No! You can read your music while you sing in the recording. Please be mindful of page turn sounds and making sure your face isn't covered by the music.


Q: How do I position my devices?

A: The best way to position your device is where your camera can see you to record and you can see the screen of the device you are listening on. Please place your recording device in a place where we can see you from your chest up. Make sure that your video is in landscape mode (horizontally).

Q: Why do I have to wear headphones?

You need to wear headphones or earbuds because we only want your recording device to pick up your voice. Not the accompaniment. 


Q: Should I test my audio and video before I make my recording? What should I be looking and listening for?

A: Yes! You should me making sure your face stays within the frame for the entire song. You should be listening to make sure your singing can be heard throughout the entire song. Also check to make sure you have good lighting and there are no background noises.


Q: I hear 12 “clicks”, a count off, and clap before the accompaniment comes in. Why is that there?

A: Once the music starts, you will hear a 3 measure click track. Alec and I have included “1, 2, 3 CLAP” on the second measure. We would like you to also speak and show your hands for the clap. This helps me align all of our video clips with ease. 


Q: What do I do in the instrumental introduction and conclusion?

A: Give us your happiest Easter smile! Make sure your video stays on until the instrumentals end.


Q: How do I upload my videos?

A: Once you have a recording that you are happy with, visit our virtual choir page on our website to upload your recording. There will be a button on the page called “Upload Videos Here”. This will take you to our Virtual Choir Google Drive Folder.


If you are on a smart device such as a phone or tablet, click the little multicolored “+” sign on the screen. This will open a little window giving you access to your videos.


If you are on a PC or MAC, you will open up the folder where your video is residing on your computer. Arrange your desktop so that you can see both the folder with your video and the Google Drive folder. Click on the thumbnail of your video once and drag the file to the Google Drive folder and release your button. 

Q: When are my videos due? Will there be reminders? Can I turn them in if they’re late?

A: Friday, March 26th is our due date for all virtual anthem videos. I will remind everyone whose videos I do not have 1 week, 3 days, and 1 day before the due date. Please do your best to get them in on time, but if life comes up, just get in touch and we will work something out.

Q: Is there a dress code?

A: No dress code! Wear something you would wear to church on Easter Sunday (whatever you feel most comfortable in). 


Q: Can I send my video in a different way if Google Drive isn’t working?

A: Yes! I can receive videos by email, text, or Dropbox if you are experiencing technical difficulties. Feel free to contact me by email or phone. | (763) 228-4701


Q: Where will the virtual Easter anthem be premiered? How can I share it with my friends and family?

A: The virtual Easter anthem will be premiered on our online Easter service. After our Easter service is premiered, it will be posted individually on Facebook and YouTube. 


Q: Will we get to see a sneak peek?

A: If time permits, I will send one to you all! But you have to PROMISE to keep it a secret until Easter!


Q: Who can I contact with any other questions?

A: Megan Waters! I can email, text, or call. | (763) 228-4701

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